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Drawing the mandala is an active form of meditation - for those who want all the benefits of meditation but have trouble sitting still.  It keeps you calm, focused and engaged, so you can zone in to hear yourself think, make new connections you may have missed before, and gain new insights. You even see your energy from one day to the next reflected on paper.







Thousands of years ago, this ancient circular symbol was used by Buddhist Monks and Indians in rituals and prayers. Today, it is utilized as a tool to spark creativity and insight for those who seek new perspectives. 

  • Stanford professors, Michael Ray and Michelle LaRoche, introduced the Mandala to Executive MBAs in their course, Creativity in Business, in the early 1990's, to connect them with their life purpose. 

  • Dr. Carl Jung, one of our foremost original thinkers, painted a Mandala every day for personal insight; he had his patients draw one at each session for insight and healing.

The circle represents the infinite Universe, whole and complete. It's also the perpetual cycle of life, with transformation at each turn. Each cycle has a end that becomes the foundation for a new start. Each completion yields a new set of possibilities with infinite potential. At the circle's center is pure creative connection and potential.  


We are each like a mandala, a part of the Infinite Universe and also the creative center of our own Universe, a Universe of your own perception and making! You bring your Universe to life.


At your core, you are whole, complete, and infinitely creative! Looking at yourself from this light opens up a world of new connections and possibilities.

The Mandala Workshop is available as a part of 1:1 coaching, for your team, or for any group you put together. We can also set you up with a MasterMind group format for ongoing creativity, inspiration and accountability.


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as a tool

What is it?



Dr. Sherry Phelan was an inspiring, challenging, and secure experience for me, as working with Sherry usually is. This (7-month) program was also very healing for me...from ending a long-term, toxic, and abusive relationship.


The Mandalas show my changes as I progressed from a healing person to a woman with new found passions and remembered, though long-unfulfilled, desires. During the course of the program, I met a wonderful man, fell in love, became engaged, and will be married in a few weeks.

 ~Carole Cunningham

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