What is Turnaround Thinking?

“Working with Sherry has truly been amazing.

Not only has she provided great creative guidance,

but her perspective on life continually motivates

me to think outside the box and approach 

my day to day ​with a smile.”

~ Priscilla Tenggara

Turnaround Thinking™ is a shift in perspective that helps you bounce back better than ever before and rise to new levels of success and happiness.   


With over 25 years of coaching creativity, goal achievement and high performance, it's a process that's consistently empowered the leaders and teams I've worked across various fields.

It's the mental reset button I still push daily to improve relationships, work, health, problem-solving, happiness and success. You can too. Try it out here:

Get 6 Turnaround Thinking steps to lift you 

back into your game at a higher level

[even if you're already successful].

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Take Charge

of Change


This method of thinking allows you to mentally "snap out of it", so you're not pulled into the situation - or down - by it.


It gives you a moment of distance and elevation to check your own thinking and gather new intel from multiple sides. 


The awareness gives you new choice and courage to take charge of change the way you want to see it go.


With fresh insight, you turn toward the future to envision the best and highest. Now, you can move forward to create your ideal life. You can work by your own design, instead of by default. 



INNER Leadership


As you live into your highest purpose, values and creativity, you bring others along with you. It's transformative leadership, from the inside out.

It builds your self-confidence. However things turn out, you trust you have what it takes to make the best out of any situation. You do it time and again!

Learn how you and/or your team can improve personal and professional performance by embracing this turnaround mindset HERE.

As always, your insights are razor sharp. Once again, you brightened my Tuesday.

~ Andra Ellingson


Sherry, you are such an inspiration! Your positive energy is so powerful.

~ Marie Barnes

Dr. Sherry is an Author, Artist, and Life by Design Coach. Read more→


Reset your mindset to "positive" each week with a Turnaround Tuesday Tip delivered to your mailbox!  


February, 2018
Mandala Magic Workshop to Transform your Life: Health, Work, Relationships
Irvine, CA

How to Turn

Trials into Triumphs

Sherry Phelan, Ph.D.


How to get unstuck

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Sherry Phelan, Ph.D.



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