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Thank you for visiting my website. If you'd like to get in touch about my work, reach out below or refer to the calendar for my upcoming events.

BOok A workshop

If you and your team have had Enough Already and are ready to challenge the status quo thinking and self-limiting beliefs, get ready to catapult yourself to the next level with my workshops.    

If that's you (or someone you know), please refer to the calendar to schedule a session below or contact me for a [complimentary*] strategy session. You may get the solution you're after during that one conversation alone!

As always, your insights are razor sharp. Once again, you brightened my Tuesday.

~ Andra Ellingson


Sherry, you are such an inspiration! Your positive energy is so powerful.

~ Marie Barnes

Dr. Sherry is an Author, Artist,  and Life by Design Coach. Read more→


Reset your mindset to the positive each week with a Turnaround Tuesday Tip delivered to your mailbox!  

Turning trials into triumphs

Sherry Phelan, Ph.D.


Get unstuck and get going

Sherry Phelan, Ph.D.

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February, 2018
Mandala Magic Workshop to Transform your Life: Health, Work, Relationships
Irvine, CA

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