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This 12-week program builds a platform for high performance in your field and high performance living across every area of life at work and home.






This laser-coaching is based upon deep research on the habits of high performers. In our first six weeks together, we apply these 6 practical levers to current issues you are facing for heightened and sustained performance in your professional and personal life:


  1. Clarity - Crystalize a vital, compelling future and how to create it, including who you want to be as a person, team or company along with the projects, skills, relationships, tools and resources you need to achieve ideals. 

  2. Energy - Increase positive and enduring physical, mental, and emotional vibrancy to perform better across all areas of your life.

  3. Necessity - Raise your level of urgency to change the game and become a driving force with soul-deep commitment. 

  4. Productivity - Align your goals with deliberate plans, projects and actions to turn capability (and busywork) into meaningful engagement, progress and greater reward.

  5. Influence - Shape other people's beliefs and behaviors to believe in you, buy from you, follow you and take action for mutual benefit.

  6. Courage - Define what "courageous" means to you; turn risk, fear and uncertainty into action and results you keep molding to your advantage.

You will get a fresh look at things through this new lens, turn around limiting beliefs, learn proven effective practices and bust through blocks and barriers to make some real progress right away. 

Then, we will dive deeper to integrate best practices into these 6 life-mastery areas so that they become powerful habits that simply serve your purposes better:


  1. Psychology

  2. Physiology

  3. Productivity

  4. Persuasion

  5. Presence

  6. Purpose​​ 


These 12 building blocks of high performance will assist you over time to create the results and experience you want in life. They can also become a common language and mindset for team (and family) members so you're all on the same page and supporting one another.

So, what do you want?

Asking the right questions can be a powerful step toward creating a bright new future. As you think more about your work and life, consider the following:  

  • Ideally, where do you want to be? 

  • How would your life, business or team change if you were there?

  • And what's holding you back?

What would higher levels of performance might mean to you?


[FREE] Thinking Tool


You can explore these questions and others by completing the questionnaire. It's a FREE "Thinking Tool" that can give you valuable insights and focal points.

If you send it to me, you may qualify for a FREE Strategy Session. During that one, initial session, you may get a solution to your greatest problem, and we will find out if this High Performance Coaching is the right fit for you.  


To apply for this FREE strategy session download the questionnaire and send it to  

To apply for a 1:1 Strategy Session, please complete this application and email to sherry@turnaroundthinking. Note: Just completing this questionnaire will provide you with valuable insights and clarity to move forward.

High Performance Coaching

9.3/10 rating!! This research-based, high performance curriculum

has been tested on 

over 10,000 participants with an

"overall effective" rating of 9.3!

[free] Coaching session 

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