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Act As If It's Meant to Be

As if ... is often an expression of disbelief used to negate a remark or idea, as if to say, "Yeah, right." What we mean is, "I don't believe that" or "I'm definitely not going to do that".

Sure, some suggestions are facetious. But others hold a seed of possibility we cut ourselves off from with cynical disbelief.

It takes faith to see beyond the evidence,

to believe into a future that doesn't yet exist.

Instead of blowing off the next absurd suggestion, or focusing on the What If ... of all that could go wrong, try riding it out to its furthest possible - and exciting - conclusion.

The as if outcome is just as likely if not more so than the what if catastrophe we imagine if we're only willing to give it a try - and see it through to a new and higher normal.

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