Each year, I pick a word or theme that captures my overarching intention. My Word returns to me early and often during the day, like a mantra, to re-mind and refocus my aim. It finds a way to alter my habi...

Deciding has a mental, left-brain ring to it. 
Choosing is to jump in with your whole heart. 

De-cide means, literally, "to cut off". It's this on one side and that on the other. You weigh your...

Clarity can come with new information or a flash of insight. You put things together in new ways, and suddenly you see things in a new light.  
But more often, clarity comes from making a choice and putt...

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Sherry Phelan, Ph.D.

Get unstuck and get going


Sherry Phelan, Ph.D.

Turning trials into triumphs

Dr. Sherry is an Author, Artist,  and Life by Design Coach. Read more→


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As always, your insights are razor sharp. Once again, you brightened my Tuesday.

~ Andra Ellingson


Sherry, you are such an inspiration! Your positive energy is so powerful.

~ Marie Barnes

New articles coming in February 2018

Past Writing

Below are chapter previews that will be turned into my upcoming books. You can get the book this spring with more than 73 topics on how to turn around your thinking and create more of what you're after at work and in life.

Sherry Phelan, Ph.D.

Get unstuck and get going

Sherry Phelan, Ph.D.

Turning trials into triumphs


February, 2018
Mandala Magic Workshop to Transform your Life: Health, Work, Relationships
Irvine, CA


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